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Resources: A Publication of Canadian Institute of Resources Law

Resources: A Publication of the Canadian Institute of Resources Law (ISSN 0714-5918) provides commentary on matters of current concern in natural resources law and policy. It contains information on the Institute's activities including new publications, courses, seminars and conferences. Recent developments in resources law are discussed.

Some articles in Resources are of particular interest to people practising resources law, while other articles discuss resources and environmental policy issues. Resources is of interest to anyone in energy development or who is concerned with resource use and the environment.

Resources: A Publication of the Canadian Institute of Resources Law

Current Issue

2023 (127)

  • The Right to a Healthy Environment: Federal Bill S-5, 2023 Amending the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (Alastair Lucas and Akinbobola Olugbemi)

Past Issues 2020-2029



  • Persistent Issues and Challenges in Alberta's Oil Sands Regulatory Framework (Nickie Nikolaou)


  • Reflection on COP26 and the Glasgow Climate Pact (David Wright)


  • 2021 Energy Regulatory Forum (summaries by University of Calgary and University of Alberta JD students, edited by Alastair Lucas, QC)



  • Vavilov and the Judicial Review of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Decisions in Canada (Shaun Fluker)


  • The Brookman and Tulick appeals of wetland disturbance in southwest Calgary: A critique two years too late (Judy Stewart)